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Madesh Pradesh Series, Episode I - Simara and BIRGUNJ

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Madhesh Pradesh, it was the province we chose as our province while participating in Imagine Nepal, a reality show dedicated to promoting the tourism of Nepal. We traveled for around 25 days across all of the eight districts of Madhesh Province. On the platform of Imagine Nepal, we had a few limitations. And since it’s over now, we present to you, Ghumante Madhesh Series, Episode One. In this series, we’ll take you along our 25 days journey to various different places of Madhesh Province, along with our experiences.

This episode begins with our journey from Kathmandu to Simara Airport. After we officially enter Madhesh Province, we explore the peripheries of Simara and enjoy the sunset at Dumarwana. The next day, we enter the bustling Financial City of Birgunj and spend a couple of days exploring different sites and the delicacies. We also discover the Bhisuwa Dada, a holy pilgrimage site for the Buddhists in Birgunj.

We are thankful to Aasu Sarraf, Omprakash Sarraf, Binod Kumar Shrestha, Pradeep Kuwar and many other individuals we met on the way who helped us on our way.

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Camera : Kanchan Rai, Aashish Shrestha, Rishav Adhikari, Aadarsh Shrestha, Manish Ruchal, Roshan Giri
Editor : Aashish Shrestha/Aadarsh Shrestha
Script/Direction: Kanchan Rai
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