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This is why I came back to Nepal🇳🇵किन म नेपाल ४ चोटी आएको छु

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🇳🇵Namaste from Nepal! :) I'm finally back after 3 years. Nepal has always been one of, if not my *favorite* country, which is why I've been back 4 times. There's something about the simple, happy people that keeps bringing me back. They don't have much, but they always greet you with a smile on their face. Being here is extremely humbling, and always helps me reconnect with myself and my thinking. I realize my problems are not as bad as I think, and I can live with a lot less than I feel like.

I realize this video may be somewhat strange as half of the video is me speaking Hindi with 2 Indian girls. I didn't plan this video, and expected it to be more about Nepal. But my videos are about my real experiences. I don't script things, and this is what happened right off the plane :)

Also for my Nepal friends - my Nepali is getting MUCH better now! This was filmed over 2 weeks ago, and I'm really excited as I'm writing this for you to see how it has improved. Stay tuned!

*Filmed January 25th, 2022 (for the purpose of you seeing how my Nepali progresses🇳🇵).*
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